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Main frame
• drive transmission in oil-bath - constant lubrication,
• rectanuglar frame of higher torsional resistance
- extend machine’s life.
Tine conditioner
• accelerates drying time, • eliminates tedding,
• lower operating costs *Z 010/4 only
Hydraulic cylinder
• facilitates folding
• additional mechanical lock * standard in „H” models, option in others.
Belt drive
• power transmission - 4 V-belts,
• additional protection - pulley with
clutch (free wheel)
*Z 010/2, Z 010/ 2H and Z 010/4 PTO sha  with built-in clutch
Vertical drive sha 
• made of high-class steel
• supported in 5 bearing points
- high stability even
in most demanding conditions
Upper guard
• inclined shape limits water and dirt gathering, conforms to EN ISO 4254-12 standard
• reinforced safety curtain
Working units
• large surface of ground contact enhances overall stability,
• perfect groung following
- cleaner fodder and turf protection
Mechanical breakaway device
• anti-damage protection
Mowing drum section overview Bevel gears
• low-noise and stable operation
Knife holder and knives
straight knife:
- Z 064 and Z 064/3 - 96 mm, - other models 102 mm
• made of tempered steel
• quick knife replacement
• additional knife holder
mounting holes
Cutting height adjustment
• with distance rings
Sliding disc
• strong and durable design - 5 mm thick
• made of wear and abrasion resistant steel
2 double-row ball bearings
• durability and extended life
Clean fodder and turf protection
Customer friendly use
Servicing and spare parts Proven design
- -
- -
- -
- - -
low ground pressure together with large surface of contact facilitates mowing
wet  elds as well as leaning and overgrown grass
excellent ground following on uneven  elds
optimal, factory set cutting height (5,8 cm / 2’’), signi cantly lowers fodder contamination and soil disturbance
less drives thanks to application of conditioners (Z 010/4)
simple design
driver’s comfort while transporting the machine on the side or behind the tractor (safety breakaway release)
attachment to smaller tractors (even from 20 HP) possible (see table)
low operating costs
most maintenance works possible to carry out on user’s own
over 30 years of experience in drum mower manufacturing 2 years of warranty
conforms to DLG signum test, german agricurtural institute
more than 50 000 drum mowers working all over the world
Farmers’ trust

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